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Life Choices

The purpose of this committee is to aid area high school students in making good, positive choices that affect their lives now and in the future.

Drug Abuse Awareness

Due to the alarming number of teen deaths in our area as a result of drinking and driving, we started presenting a program about drunk driving and it's effects.  We use a slide show with actual photos of accidents involving drinking to present the program.  We also use goggles that simulate being impaired by alcohol.  While wearing the goggles, we ask students to perform seemingly easy tasks so that they will see the effects of the alcohol on their judgement.

Dental Health Awareness

This year, we helped area dentists screen children for cavities at our local K-2 school.  Students were also visited by the "tooth fairy" and were given information about maintaining healthy teeth.

Booster Seat Awareness

We distributed information about the use of booster seats (in children ages 4-8) to area schools and day-cares.  We also held a booster seat give-away!

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