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Kids and Company

In an effort to "save" the Kids and Company Program from fading into oblivion, the program was pulled out from under Child Welfare and set up as its own project this year.  A two member committee with Cindy Townsend and led by Project Chairman Lucy Shell, will attempt to breathe new life into the program.  The twosome hope to make a connection with the school personnel who need help with this wonderful program.

The Kids and Company Program is an educational program on child abuse, exploitation, and abduction prevention for schools with Kindergarten-6.

In the past, information has been handed out to Lipsey Middle School, Brookhaven Academy, Brookhaven Elementary, Mamie Martin Elementary, Bogue Chitto, Enterprise, Loyd Star, and West Lincoln.  If anyone who has worked on this project in the past has any information that will be helpful, please contact Lucy Shell.

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