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About Us

    On Tuesday, July 6, 1954, a group of ladies attended an organizational meeting in the home of Mrs. Eugene Nalty.  Under the supervision of the four Sustaining Members- Mrs. Tom P. Brady, Mrs. Eugene Nalty, Mrs. Pearce Phillips, and Mrs. R.S. Savage- these young women formed the Brookhaven Junior Auxiliary.

    Junior Auxiliary represents a serious endeavor on the part of the women to be active and constructive participants in the communities in which they live, and to assume responsible leadership in meeting community needs.  It provides the member with the opportunity to serve and to be a vital part of the community with an emphasis on meeting the needs of children.

Executive Board


President:  Mrs. Dustin Walker
First Vice-President:  Mrs. Don Doty
Second Vice-President:  Mrs. Chuck Carver
Third Vice-President:  Mrs. Brett Smith
Recording Secretary:  Mrs. Jerry Evans
Corresponding Secretary:  Mrs. Paul Dykes
Treasurer:  Mrs. Richard Barker
Assistant Treasurer:  Mrs. Mitch Pounds
Member-at-Large:  Mrs. Shannon Patterson
Member-at-Large:  Mrs. Michael Said
Ex-Officio:  Mrs. Lavelle Sullivan
Provisional Trainers:  Mrs. Clifford Galey




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Junior Auxiliary of Brookhaven is a non-profit organization.  Therefore, we rely on a free web host that displays ads that may not reflect views of our organization.